White Flag Giveaway

Pre-marking your proposed dig site with white marking flags helps to ensure timely and accurate underground utility locates and safe digging practices.

Benefits of white lining include:

  • Locating crews know exactly where to mark, avoiding confusion and project delays
  • Excavation crews can identify the work area at the site more quickly
  • Excavation damage may be reduced due to more accurate utility markings

Pre-marking your dig site:

Contact Nebraska 811 at least 2 business days in advance of your digging project to request to have your underground utilities located.

  • Call 811 or 800-331-5666 or place your locate request online at nebraska811.com
  • When placing the locate request, indicate that the proposed dig site will be identified with white marking flags
  • Outline your planned dig site with the white marking flags to identify the area in which the utility locators need to mark their underground utilities
  • After all the notified utilities have responded either by marking their lines at the dig site or informing you that they are clear, you may begin your excavation project respecting all areas in which an underground utility has been located

If you need more than 50 white flags (please no more than 500) they can be ordered at any time on the Promotional Items page under the Resources tab on this website.

Questions? Contact Jill Geyer at jillgeyer@occinc.com for more info.