Education and Training Center

Welcome to the Nebraska811 Training Center. We have uploaded videos, manuals and other materials to help you with all aspects of filing your Locate Requests using ITIC, as well as Database Administration using IMAP.

Individual and Group ITIC Trainings available via the phone or onsite at your facility. To schedule a FREE ITIC training for you or your Organization, please contact Jill Geyer at

Attention All Nebraska Excavators

You’re invited to a FREE ITIC Training with Nebraska811!

This training will provide you and your company the needed information to submit and manage your Nebraska Locate Requests online using ITIC!

ITIC offers expanded features to both our seasoned and first time web entry users including many of the items that have been requested over the years by our Nebraska Contractors and Member Utilities. We host free online webinars that will provide you the needed information to allow the full mapping technologies to be added to your ITIC account. Prior to adding those permissions to your ITIC account, you must to attend a short demonstration that will explain how to use the mapping tools found within the Map Version of ITIC. After the demonstration, you will be able to outline your dig area on future jobs and utilize our mobile version of ITIC.

Examples of the expanded features found in our cutting edge One Call technology include:

  • Emailed ticket confirmations
  • Interactive hybrid maps
  • Online access to historical ticket data
  • Templates for frequent/duplicate digs
  • Live chat assistance
  • And much more!

To schedule an onsite or phone training for you or your Organization, please contact Jill Geyer at

Request a Safety Meeting

To request a training or safety meeting, please email Jill Geyer at