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Excavator Responsibilities

File a Locate Request

File a locate request with Nebraska811 at least 2 business days prior to beginning any excavation project.

White Line

The practice of white lining involves marking out your proposed dig site with white paint or flags prior to the arrival of the utility locators. This will assist the utility locators in accurately determining the exact dig site and area that needs to be located.

Provide Accurate and Complete Information

Provide accurate and complete information regarding your excavation area, to include the entire scope of work.

Ensure All Utilities Notified of your Excavation have Responded

Ensure ALL utilities notified of your excavation have responded by either marking or clearing the dig site.

File a Non-Response or Incorrect Locate Request

File a Non-Response or Incorrect Locate Request if a utility has not responded by the start time or a utility mark appears incorrect.

Report All Damages

Report all damages to an underground utility(s) directly to Nebraska811 by calling 811 or 800-331-5666.

Manage Refreshes

Manage refreshes by requesting a Refresh ticket when the marks have been destroyed, are unclear or active excavation will continue beyond the expiration date on the ticket (17 calendar days). business days.