During this time of state and national emergency, the Nebraska One Call Notification System Act remains in effect and Nebraska811 has taken steps to ensure normal business operations continue. However, due to the strain on the workforce availability, there may be significant delays in utility response to During this time of state and national emergency, Nebraska811 has taken steps to ensure normal business operations continue. As Nebraska has progressed through the phases of re-opening, workforce availability has remained a challenge in some instances.  While all locate requests continue to be processed, there may continue to be delays in utility response to locate requests. In order to maintain safe, reliable service, we encourage all excavators to only submit tickets that you fully intend to begin to excavate on within the next 2-10 days. New and Refresh tickets should only be submitted for work that will be performed during the ticket life. Additionally, please confirm that all utilities listed on your locate request have provided a status before beginning excavation. We appreciate your cooperation to help ensure continued public safety and sustainable utility service during these difficult times.

We are requesting that facility owners, locating service companies, and excavators work together to ensure that work in the state of Nebraska goes on in a safe and efficient manner. Please prioritize your time and efforts in order to maximize efficiency and safety. Utility owners should keep the industry apprised of their ability to respond. Location service providers should communicate their status and readiness to their contracted partners and to the excavators. The law allows for utility owners and excavators to work together to establish mutually agreed upon times for excavation. Please consider exercising this option when necessary. No response tickets should always be submitted when appropriate. A No Response ticket is a second notification reporting that a utility or utilities did not respond electronically to an existing locate request. This is an important tool for documenting and analyzing trends so that issues can be addressed. 

As the pandemic continues to have an effect on our industry, all excavators should be prepared for a delay in the marking of the utilities.  If utilities have not been marked within the two-day time frame, report this to Nebraska One Call Center by filing a No Response ticket online at or by calling 811. Damaging the cable, phone, internet, gas, water, and electrical lines can cause an outage, or worse, injury or death. Please be patient as utilities and locators do their best to mark within the prescribed time frame with limited staffing.  When planning digging projects, it may be best to call in 4-5 days before your project needs to begin, allowing the utilities the extra time to perform the marking. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Together we can keep Nebraska safe by allowing a little extra time, using a little more patience, and a lot of understanding.